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Catherine = Serious Inquisitive Delicious Fun !

Catherine~motivational & inspirational communicator!

I’m so grateful you stopped by to explore my website and learn more about the woman behind this wild and delicious adventure!

Inspirational Speaker
Raw to Real is the exploration of the uniqueness of who we are without the illusions, beliefs and roles projected on to us by our world. ‘Diamonds from the rough’ are revealed when we discover the meaning we have given to events, circumstances and people in our lives, including ourselves. You deserve to know and appreciate the ‘diamond’ you are! Find the meaning and you find diamonds!
I love to share my own life experience of how one death bound me to a life that eliminated ‘me’ from the equation and another set me free to know my authentic self. Becoming our best self is the most exquisite gift we can give the world.

Online Promoter of Light & WisdomReady for life Mode .001
It was through my own quest for insights that I was motivated to begin exploring with those who were seeking a better way and had found some interesting gifts and wisdom, that I started my online chat show.

It has expanded into it’s 8th Season (2015) and now I can confidently say I am truly a Universal Promoter of Incredible Liberators, Healers, Brilliant Visionaries and people committed to finding a new and glorious way to thrive on planet earth.

I’ve done the leg work and I bring out the best in my guests so they can share their message with the world, via my promotions on social media, my website and by embedding the shows on their website etc. I do my best to highlight them and let people know the person behind the product or service.

Clarity Whisperer images 44My Sacred Gifts of Clarity, Knowing and communication are the perfect match to my mission and passion.

Along with my broadcasting work, I am a published author, prolific writer and socially conscious light bearer. My interests include living in peace and harmony, lifting up those in despair and sharing my joyful discovery that there really is no death. I invite you to visit my website and explore the shows as well at


Fun! Real! Delicious! Joyful! Inquisitive!

Exploring Into the Deep & Beyond!


Catherine online chat show poster.001Roots of this adventure (since Jan. 2012)  creating an online chat show and hosting it!  Life is so much fun! I found that there is so much wisdom floating about and that all of the interviews I heard were not asking or discussing the things that I wanted to discuss. So I created my own show. My guests are invited to share their truth. I open the lines for people to ask questions, or email a question into the show. It is my intention to create a safe place for people to speak truth. I seek out my guests according to my own passion for authenticity and clarity.

Catherine Whelan Costen
Playful Nature

I write passionately and unapologetically about things I care about, garden with enthusiasm, read to devour, eat when it tastes good, bake when I want to create, or sometimes I paint or sing or dance. My life has taken me down some hard paths, tough lessons, but always urged me to jump higher and climb to the tops of the mountains, sometimes just to see the other side.

flag blowingI am proud to be a Canadian. I was born in Manitoba, but my mother was from Atlantic Canada and my father from Northern Ontario. I have traveled most of this country and love ever bit of it and her people. I live in Southern Alberta now and enjoy the majestic mountains on the horizon, the wheat fields blowing in the summer wind and winters blanketed in snow when it comes.

I’ve experienced childbirth, mothering, divorce, marriage, illness and death (personal experience). I’ve traveled through poverty and out the other side. I’ve dealt with the legal systems, medical systems, banking systems, dental systems, either through my work or personal life. I washed hair in a salon, was a nanny, a pre-school teacher, a bank employee, an office administrator, a secretary and bookkeeper, an activist and a cheerleader.

You get the idea! I’m sure I’ve left out a few things but generally I have lived, laughed, cried, challenged myself and others.

I write from my heart, from my research and from my experience. I taught myself to meditate as a way of healing Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I learned far more from it than anything I’ve ever explored. I share my wisdom on my website. Here’s a link to the audio on some aspects of this journey.

*You can work with me for personal Clarity Coaching …for details visit

Now that my children are raised I feel I have time to devote to myself, my passion and serve the greater community through my voice. My intention is to have fun no matter what I’m learning or experiencing or sharing. If you have never noticed the humour in life’s biggest challenges…here’s your chance! Life is funny, we are funny and the more serious we get about things, the funnier I happen to notice we are! I hope you will also have a sense of fun as you explore my website and my shows!


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