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Sarah Moloney~Doula

Sarah Moloney has lived a very colourful, exciting and challenging life. She has built her life today on the bricks of experience that many will never know.


She is the owner of Once Upon a Doula~ this is from her website: (links are below)

Doula- female servant

What is a Doula you ask?  A Doula is a nonmedical person who assists a woman before, during and after childbirth- as well as her partner and or family by providing information, phyical assistance and emotional support throughout.  A professional labour coach who instills calm and confidence to the labouring mother and acts as an advocate for her wishes and birth plan. 

We as Doulas do not take over the active space and role of a loved one, but merely bring all hearts and minds together to embrace the moment as one.


She was not always a Doula…this is her story…

*Watch and Listen: Video Chat on LGRCC March 22, 2013 :

What is in an autobiography?  Not to mention, what is in an autobiography that you would want to read and possibly continue reading from?

Perhaps mine.  My name is Sarah.  I am, what I would like to think, a unique 31 yr old (insert sigh) woman who’s life has been altogether quite interesting thus far.  I have 3 beautiful, vibrant and wild young children ages 5, and two 7yr old boys, as well as a newborn that we have been recently blessed with.  We are the atypical blended middle class family living within the “ass” of the elephant here in Ontario.  That’s truly whatit is referred to!!  The oldest boy and youngest girl are mine and he brought to the table a middle boy as well.  Our newest addition who is glorious in every sense of the word, is our first, only,last together and was another boy as well!  Lucky for my daughter and I, as we own the upstairs bathroom all alone!  My husband and I have an ‘old soul’ story behind us that we keep grounded when times get cloudy.  As I’m sure a lot can attest with 4 young children and did I mention 3 dogs?!!  How and where we met is a huge part of my biography, as the reason stems from 1/3 of my life.  The Military.


I literally ran away from home, well at least the mundane home I called factory work and partying every weekend; until I was broke once again.  In 2002 I set out for Basic Training in Quebec.  First time I had ever left home really, but I knew I was destined for more then what I was producing at the time.


Who knew?  I loved it, and was darn good at being a soldier right from the start!  I thrived on the stamina, the endurance, even the discipline.  I loved the camaraderie, the sense of worth and the notion that I was someone important.  At the time, just a number but in all hind sight~ someone important.  My military career took me all over Canada. I ventured to beautiful British Columbia for paramedic training and to Edmonton for tactical training. Then all around and through the United States for a time; for every field exercise they could conjure up. I was in and out of clinics and hospitals for countless years of nursing, and eventually to Afghanistan for my best work yet.  I deployed overseas in Oct 2010 until Apr 2011 with troops from Edmonton, primarily  the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry.

An honorable unit, I was even more honored to serve with.  Some of the finest soldiers I have ever worked along side and one of them being my now husband Mark.

Our location was very remote, and in a very dangerous region of Afghanistan.  However, the beauty would have me return in a heartbeat. Read the rest here 



I was a Military Medic turned Mom, turned Birthing Coach.  I am also me, Sarah which I am realizing more and more each day, and I like her!


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