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Sasha Samy, M.A
‘Award-Winning’ Transformational Author & Facilitator

In the Wounds of our Shadows
Rise the Light of Our Authenticity!
~ Sasha Samy

Sasha  profile pix- WebSasha Samy has a background in Education. She holds a Master’s degree in English Literature, Diplomas in Education and TESL, and Certificates in Counseling Psychology, Psychotherapy, and several energy healing modalities such as Reki Tummo, Spatial Light, Chois and EFT.

A life-long student of evolutionary consciousness, Sasha is deeply interested in Transpersonal psychology, works of Carl Jung, metaphysical studies, feminine culture, sustainability, and non-violence. She currently facilitates her ‘Circle of Life’ workshops and gives talks based on her book: Shadow To Light: Transformational Journeys From Abuse & Betrayal To Empowerment.

Sasha’s passion is to assist others to empower themselves from ‘within’ through self-discovery and transformation so as to access inner peace and authentic presence. As an advocate of ‘unity in diversity,’ and non-violence to oneself, to others, and the planet, Sasha strongly believes that a unified and harmonized world is only possible when each individual imbues the value of ‘respect’ and ‘reverence’ for all forms of life.

Her involvement with community outreach has included volunteering at a woman’s organization, fund raising for a hospital outreach group, facilitating English practice groups for immigrants to Vancouver, and conducting workshops for women’s non-profit groups. Her desire to contribute to society extends to helping others with her book, Shadow To Light, which espouses shadow and inner works as essential to the healing and transformational process of understanding the self.

Sasha hopes that by sharing the stories of healing, the power of conscious choices and forgiveness, as well as practical tools and techniques in her book, others will be encouraged to embark on their own inner journey to empowerment and authenticity. She strongly believes that it is personal transformation that will, inevitably, raise social and global consciousness.

As she says in her book, “life throws us many challenges on our paths for us to grow from them. It is our responsibility to confront and transcend them. Most of us will, at some point in our lives, traverse the ‘dark night of the soul’ through our trials and tribulations in myriad forms: divorce, illness, accidents, broken relationships, loss of a loved one, loss of job, loss of property, addictions, depression etc.

These crises often provide us with the opportunity to die to our old self and to be reborn to our new self; they provide us with the chance to empower ourselves, to grow and to expand; to get in touch with our soul or essentially, to be attuned to our true and authentic Self. Our soul will keep prodding us to awaken us to our potentiality, to our creativity, to our abundant self, to fulfill our true purpose in life. Until we heed the clarion call of the universe, it will continue to rain down boulders on us to make us return to the source of our being.”

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Sasha’s change in career from academia to Transformational author and workshop facilitator began as a result of receiving divine guidance through a series of meditation in 2007. Her preparation for this journey started in the year 2000 when she seriously committed to her ‘inner work,’ which she shares in her book and work with others.

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