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Sean Liv author of The Ticket…

Sean Liv is a Fitness Expert, Life Strategist and Motivational Speaker and author of The Ticket. For several years, she repeated cycles of negativity and failure until she hit rock bottom. She realized she needed to take charge of my own life once and for all. She found inspiration after she lost 90 pounds, overcame addictions and underwent a physical and emotional transformation of her own. The best part was, she didn’t need any gimmicks, pills or expensive gym equipment to do so.

After creating a fitness company and working with several clients, Sean saw that their wellness journeys were about more than just their bodies – they were about their spirits  and minds too. She saw how doubt, fear and negativity can cause people to backtrack in their fitness and weight loss goals. They needed support and encouragement to break the cycle.

Sean wrote her book The Ticket based on her own journey and those of her clients. Through The Ticket, Sean helps people replace negative belief patterns with encouraging ones, use their inner power to overcome struggles and make positive life choices. The Ticket is used as a guidebook for The Ticket to Change Challenge.  Real, honest health and an empowered, fearless life that starts from within. Fall 2013~ Sean is introducing Sean Liv T.V.


Globe with headphonesListen to Sean Liv on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine by clicking on the date link below:

October 9th, 2013 ~Mother and Daughter authors Sean Liv & Hannah Rose get real with Catherine

September 18, 2013~Sean Liv Chattin about her book The Ticket and the very serious and personal issue of Sexual Abuse

Contact info: 403.801.7689
Realize you have the POWER!

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