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Seasons of Light.001As we begin the many celebrations of light around the world, various religious practices and belief systems celebrate light in many different ways.

The key and connecting thread for me is that light reveals what has been hidden in the shadows. It gives us the opportunity to clean up the areas of our lives that have been in dis-ease, or burdened by darkness.

The focus of my shows is on transforming fear, to move us into freedom with ease and grace.

Ignorance is not really bliss, it is simply ignorance and it prevents us from seeing truth. An infection in our body will still affect us, even if we do not have an awareness of it. Whether that body is an individual or a collective body, the understanding is the same.

It does not surprise me to see so much unrest and chaos on the planet at this time, because we are entering the Season of Light…and that light will reveal what’s been in the shadows. candle_light_evening_237086

As we see the shadows we often look for tools to clean up what we find in those shadows, or under the carpet or hidden in crevices of our lives.

Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine is a venue that faces fear head on and offers many different ways or beliefs to help people deal with the shadows or blocks in life.

If you have tools to help people and want to share through this medium, please contact Catherine via the contact link above. I am preparing a new season of shows to share with the public, featuring guests from all around the world. This is your invitation …

Many blessings


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