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Shelly Dressel~Goddess Light Channel & More

Shelly Dressel Aug 2015


Shelly Dressel RN, is a gifted, world renowned channel with a deep alignment to the Goddess of Creation, the feminine aspect of Source essence, the Arch Angels, Dolphins, Ascended Masters and many more.

Most recently, Shelly has participated with integration of the crystalline grid; the universal light consciousness which is a deeper influx of higher dimensional energy.

She has worked with people on many different levels to assist them in creating change in their lives, receiving information and more.


She has a medical background that deepens her intuitive process in creating changes for people on physical level as they are perhaps moving through illness.Shelly Dressel Nurse


Along her path of discovery, she received attunements in Usui, Shambhala and Celtic Reiki. Through varied interests she took classes in yoga, meditation and aromatherapy, numerology and more.  Each step has opened a door to something new and she is always open to whatever the universe may bring her way.


Shelly offers classes in Opening to Channel, Expanding Consciousness and more.

She also has available private sessions in which you talk directlyFree Group Channel to the Goddess and the angels.  You may also choose to order a personalized meditation.  This is a meditation channeled directly for and in alignment with you.  This allows the energies to move deeply through you.  She is very proficient in Soul Communication, speaking to people alive or crossed over to receive answers or create change in the relationship.


Shelly joined me for a chat on youtube feel free to enjoy and share


How my booth was set upShelly offers a free teleconference on the first and third Sunday’s of the month.  This is open to all who would like to attend and you may call in or join through Skype. She also offers private sessions by appointment. Visit her website for more

This is in the form of a deep meditation that will take you out into the universe and create a deeper connection to your divinity.  Through the All That Is, you can create changes in your life.  This is available through  You may call: 1-712-432-0075 extension 642149 # at 9 pm EST Shelly Dressel Goddess Light bio 2012.pdf


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