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The Soul

The soul knows her maker

The One who kissed life into her

The One who whispers sweet love

To encourage, guide and nurture


Even though a person has not been

Formally introduced to God

The soul knows…

It seeks to return to love -from whence it came


A soul cloaked in human flesh

Often ignored for years

Attempts to surface

It calls out to the body and mind

Reminding us of our incompleteness


We are not simply flesh and bone

We are so much more

And the soul desires… the heavenly

Companionship…. it has always known


It struggles with mind and body

To reveal itself

To teach us the manner in which to live

To show us our true selves


It wants to reunite our actions

With the actions of our creator

We need simply to allow it

To surface


The torment we undergo

Throughout our lives

Is the fight for control

The mind wants to know all

And control all –

The intellect believes itself to be

Supreme –so we feed it

But the body has wants also

Strong desires of the flesh

Necessary for the body’s survival

And it is never satisfied


Mind and body are self serving

They are never content to enjoy what they have -

They want more and feel they deserve more

While the soul is quietly accepting

Whatever gifts it receives

It gently prods body and mind

To relinquish some control

As the spirit of God continually nurtures it

Loving it, sustaining it


The soul whispers its dreams

Often so fleetingly that mind

And body listen to this foreign voice

That refuses to scream –

It is the quietness that attracts

Body and mind


When the flesh and mind

Have been tormented long enough

By their greedy desires

They will turn to the silent voice within;

To find solace, answers and love

For there… patiently attending… they find…God;


Together the creator and creation

Are joined in peaceful communion

When body and mind are ready

To give up control

The soul can truly fly

And because it is never greedy

Or selfish –it can lead

The body and mind to true joy

Pleasure, love and peace….

If we listen


By Catherine Whelan Costen

July 7,2001


You never lose, when you love –

I have walked in the sunshine…

And felt the sweet warmth of love –

Your arms embraced me

And protected my world from harm-

I can see your smiling eyes

Calling for my laughter

Together we met the mornings

As they revealed their promise


The calm of the crystal lakes

The pristine and dewy mountain havens-

That was our world, for a time-

I have wondered at the heavens

Questioned creation

Amazed at the star lit nights

I watched the moon in all its splendor

I sailed the ocean, rough and calm

Toured the world, and met her people

I laughed, I loved, I cried and yet –

There never was enough time

To lay in the comfort of your arms


Tomorrow, we will walk again

Hand in hand, eye to eye

We’ll meet again, in our new youth

For now, I’ll be watching you,

laughing and weeping with you

When you sip a glass of wine

Let it pass slowly over your sweet lips

Let it rest easy on your palate

Let your soul be at peace

You were a gift to me

A treasure, a comfort, a companion, a lover

A friend and soul mate

We are captured in a moment of time


But you must keep love alive

You must watch the sunrise again

Be amazed at a star filled summer night

Laugh at the robin frustrated in spring

You must love, for you are love

Till we meet again, live without pain

Love without guilt,

Let me hear you laugh-

Oh, how I love to hear you laugh


C.M.A. Whelan Costen

January 23,2005




It Came To Pass

November 17 2005

Something to think about….

It came to pass

And so… it came to pass
Just as it had been predicted
And the sun no longer shone
And the sky was dark and red
And the water trickled brown
And we could no longer drink it
And the tiny robins wouldn’t build their nests
And the land cried out in pain
And cracked and withered and died
There was no grass, no tree, no flower
No dew kissed rose in spring
No hay to feed the cattle
No cattle to feed the people
And so… it came to pass
Just as we’d been warned it would
So hot, so hot, we thought it wouldn’t last
And the forest burned and the air was acid
And we cried and we cried
But nothing… nothing could ease our pain

And the little children looked towards the grown-ups
The momma’s and the daddies, with the fashionable clothes
And the fancy cars, and the vacations all over the world
And the lust for oil was written on their faces
And the greed was spinning all around
And the money was in the banks and it sat and it sat
There were no goods to be had

And the money wasn’t worth a single drop of rain
And the water would not quench
And the crops dried in the fields
And the babies they cried in pain
And disease overcame us
And we had no cure
And it came to pass just as we’d been warned
We didn’t listen then, we didn’t listen then

And we made our wars
And we built our weapons
And we invaded space
And we took over the heavens
And we shed more blood
And we need the oil, oh we needed it so much
And we snuffed out youth and we turned young men old
And we napalmed and we burned and we killed
And we turned nature against us
In the name of freedom and democracy and liberation
And it all came to pass, just like we’d been warned

War won’t bring peace, we were told
And blood doesn’t bring life, we were told
And they lay cold in the ground
And they won’t come back
And we did it in the name of liberty, freedom and peace
And it all came to pass just like we’d been warned
And lie after lie, turned into truth
For a lie told again and again, becomes the reality we know
And the lies built on lies were spun and spun, till we just didn’t know
But we were warned and we were told
And we wouldn’t listen, we wouldn’t listen

And the money sits and the money rots
‘Cause the money can’t buy what nobody’s got
And the pain is there and the pain goes on
And the only freedom we’ll know, is when we’re cold and in the ground
And we did it to ourselves and we knew it was coming
Some people warned and other people ignored
And the acid came and the acid came like rain
And the snow wouldn’t fall ‘cause it just wouldn’t get cold
And there were no more seasons, no more spring, winter, summer or fall
No it was all hot like summer, all year long
And the bugs they spread, and they consumed and they enjoyed
The fruits of the earth, meant for us, was now destroyed
No sun-kissed rose, no morning dew, no robin looking for a worm
‘cause we were just through
And we were warned and we were warned and we just wouldn’t listen

It didn’t have to be
We could have listened
We could have shared
We could have sought peace
We could have eased the pain of others
We could have cared for the earth
We could have listened to the wind
To the song of spring
We could have listened to the soil
We could have learned to live without oil
We could have loved on another
We could have listened…can you hear me now?

by Catherine Whelan Costen



So what Now, Canada?

Op-ed by Catherine Whelan Costen

July 1, 2006 we gather to raise our flags! We sing without fear, without pride and without joy! We sing ‘Oh, Canada’ in a way we have never sung it before. We sing with sorrow, uncertainty and concern. Many of us have been shaken awake. Brutally assaulted by the sense of betrayal as we discover our nation is hanging on the brink of colonialism. Our own ignorance of the 139 years history that brought us to this place does nothing to appease the sense of anger burning in our bellies. It is called righteous anger!

As we search the faces of our friends, families, neighbours and complete strangers, we seek out a silent message of knowing, because to speak it is still beyond our ability. Do they know? Do they care? We hope they do because bearing this discovery alone is unthinkable. After the initial onslaught of emotions, the shock, the fear followed by the anger, the sorrow and the private tears we know we must act. We know it with every fibre of our being. It is who we are. ‘We are Canadian’. We are no longer ‘nice’ Canadians, we have evolved. We are knowledgeable and infused with wisdom from our ancestors, a wisdom that surpasses race, creed, colour and gender. The wisdom born of blood shed for other’s freedoms, fought in Wars around the globe in an effort to promote peace. The wisdom garnered from sacrifice that forced us to declare, ‘Never Again’. This wisdom passed from generation to generation has grown. It was gained through toiling the hardened Canadian soil or facing the oceans’ unforgiving harshness, or the brutal Northern cold, to carve a life, and produce the highest standard of food to feed the hungry of the world and sustain ourselves.

While the propaganda machine churns out message upon message of doom and gloom, of dependence on corporate rule for our very survival, Canadians are returning to our roots. Common sense tells us otherwise. Common sense cautions us to stop relying on false slogans without doing our research. Common sense reminds us that in the deep depression Canadians relied on each other to survive. The banks did not save the Canadian farmer from poverty. They didn’t provide the soup kitchens or stop the homelessness, the orphans or desperation. When the people of Canada lost all hope in the dirty 30’s it wasn’t the elite who reached down from their ivory towers and offered a helping hand. The poor and destitute reached out to each other and raised themselves out of despair. In the 1960’s it wasn’t the elite who offered healthcare to the poor and suffering. It was the people who stood with Tommy Douglas and demanded a fair and just system for all. In 2006 it will be you and me who reach out to each other, across all lines of gender, race, creed and colour and change the landscape for a better way.

You are awake now, but you are tired and you dislike the negative messages. You are sick of hearing the gloom and doom. It is frightening and often gives you a sense of powerlessness. I remind you to think about our history. Think about the 1920’s, 30’s, 60’s, they had a pittance of the tools we have today, but they had strength of character and wisdom to trust their humanity. You want to celebrate Canada Day with real meaning. You don’t want to hear about a threat to the nation. You don’t want anymore war. You just want to get along and you ask yourself, ‘Why can’t people just get along?’ Then you say, ‘why doesn’t the government just act responsibly?’ You know the answers. ‘You are the government, so when are you going to act?’

‘Oh, Canada’, my country, my home, you are what we make you. All of us who desire change must be change. We want a healthy country, so let us make it so. We want democracy, so let us participate and make it work. We want peace, so let us be peace. Power is not taken, it is given. What kind of Canada do we individually and collectively want to leave the next generation? Let this Canada Day be the social awakening and recommitment to really stand for Canadian values of caring, peace, support for our fellow human being, and true respect for our beautiful environment! We have non-violent solutions to our peaceful aspirations. We have the wisdom of the ages to show us the way. Societies that raise humanity up and place emphasis on living in harmony with our environment before all else, will not only survive, they thrive.

Let’s raise our flags and our voices in a shared hope for true success, real sustainability for all people in Canada and let us be an example for the world!


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