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Do You Want to Talk to My People?

My People are Seeking Products to Lift Them UP &

Work in Harmony

With Momma Earth

~Have you got something for them?

We are All One! Let’s Get Connected!


Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine (online chat show exploring higher visions), has an intelligent audience who are most likely seeking a better way to thrive on planet earth. This is a global network, reaching people all over the planet. Advertising and sponsoring this network of shows as we expand into more areas will offer you a connection to like-minded people.  We are creating an exquisite world and your support keeps it free for all 24/7!

You’ve done your homework, you’ve got a great product or service and now you want to get it out to those who really are looking for you! The world is evolving and my audience is craving products and services that can help them in these challenging times. They are consciously awake & aware of the changes on this planet. You are too!  Aren’t YOU? We’ve got an awesome opportunity to let you invest in helping to bring more information to the world, while sharing your products or services with people who are hungry for the new healthy, harmonious options available.

Have you got a product or service that you think compliments Lets Get Real~Chattin With Catherine online chat show?

If so, and the publisher agrees, this is an invitation for you to place an audio ad at the beginning of a show, or several shows. Or place a banner ad, or link to your book, cd, video, or service. (All sponsors must be in harmony with the show’s standards of highest integrity and truth~Publisher reserves the right to approve or deny all requests without explanation).

Attractive Rates for an Amazing show!

Options for you: For more information please contact Catherine Publishing

  • *Rotating Banner Ads~ *Sidebar Images and *Audio ads.
  • Profile Page for new or previous guests and others.
  • The banner price is $444.00 a month for one month paid on a monthly basis, or $1189.00 per 3months paid in advance
  • The specifications are that the banner must be no more than 460 pixels in width (it can be less, 460 is the max) and no more than 120 pixels in height. The images must be in a jpeg or png format. I would also need The URL that you would like the link to point towards.
  • The sidebar, will be smaller, but has constant exposure no matter what page of the site is being viewed. The price is $199.00 a month for one month, or paid in advance for 3 months is $444.00 (the image is no more than 290 pixels wide)
  • Audio Ad~30 sec (content provided by you or created for you by Catherine Publishing) ~$444.00 per month played on all audio shows recorded that month and kept within the archive for as long as the archives are aired publicly. Option 2~same ad played twice per show for one month, $789.00
  • Multiple month rates paid in advance ~3months Option 1~$1,399.00 Option 2~$2,199.00

Thanks for your continued support and spreading the word…
Once you have contacted the publisher and agreed to a time, and type of ad; audio (mp3 your recording or mine, see prices below), banner, or sidebar image, as well as the show you want to sponsor(only available on audio ad), you are ready to make your payment! Thank you! Just click below on the appropriate PayPal button and follow the directions.

Options for Ads on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine:

Advertising Options


Your sponsorship is very much appreciated! Your audio ad plays in the archives as long as the archives exist!

Yes I love your shows! I’d like to invest in more and help spread the word… ( please use the donate button below to make a much appreciated donation…)

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