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Dear friends of

New legislation is coming into force in Canada July 1, 2014 and although you may have signed up for the updates from the website previously, or you have been a guest or inquired about being a guest on the show;  we would like to reconfirm your desire to continue to receive our newsletters, posts and invitations. Many new ventures are happening and will be announced over the next few months…if you prefer to just check into the website periodically that’s fine too. These are exciting times and we simply wish to share with those who want to receive.  If you are receiving this second hand, please sign up for the website updates (top right side of the website…as emails are infrequent and all the major posts come from the website feature).


Shall we Chat?

Shall we Chat?

Information will be sent via our website updates, from Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine, produced by Catherine Publishing or direct from this email address .


If you consent to continue to receive please, reply to this email and print your name, email address and state ‘yes I confirm my consent to receive emails from Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine, aka and Catherine Publishing.


If you no longer wish to receive our communications please reply to with unsubscribe in the subject line. I appreciate your patients on this one, as I’m not entirely sure how quickly these can be removed, but certainly as soon as possible. Blessings…


Many thanks

Catherine Whelan Costen

Clarity Whisperer & Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine or

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