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How Can Anyone Know They or Anyone Else is a Failure?

We never hear a baby saying that they’ve come to planet earth to fulfill certain goals; most adults spend a great deal of time trying to figure out their purpose.
How can we know we failed at a mission if we don’t know what the mission was in the first place?

Oh some of you may suggest that a criminal or a rotten person, or a person who didn’t make their grade, or tried a business and it didn’t work out, those people are clearly failures.   Blowing the Whistle on Judgement Police.001

As I explore this concept for my next book, I thought I’d share the concept a wee bit here. My premise is simple enough. Nobody can truly or fairly be judged by human standards about success or failure, since none of us know the big plan. What we determine as failure in human graphs and ideals, may indeed be completely off the mark in terms of the Universal dynamic plan for life. We are just a piece of a puzzle in an infinite mosaic of pieces, puzzles within puzzles and dimensions within dimensions. I suspect its time we stopped being so hard on ourselves and others.

Its possible that the measure of true success is simply feeling every juicy part of life, so that when we return to the other side we can share the exploration with those who do not embody?

Excerpt April 2017 © (final book title undetermined)
Catherine Whelan Costen

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