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I’ve been exploring as per usual and an insight keeps repeating in my observations about life, so I thought I’d share it with you. (this is an excerpt from a book I’m in the process of writing)

It is my understanding that due to this physical existence and all it entails we will experience pain in our lives. It’s painful to put our hand on a hot stove, or to fall and scrape our knees, the body can offer up pain in response to life, emotional pain too; as in when we see a loved one transition, or move through some of life’s challenges. There is often pain in the emotional, mental, physical body and we feel it.

Suffering on the other hand, is the story we tell about the pain. That’s the part that I believe is optional.  Knowing we don’t have to suffer can be enough to shift us out of it.  For many of us the retelling of our story is the reminder that keeps us bound within that state.

Suffering is an interesting aspect of life on planet earth…when examined we can see so many areas that it is a useful tool and others where it is not. When we retell the tales of wars and human conflict with emotional attachment, because we think if we don’t it will repeat, we are missing a great point and that is we do repeat the story because we are reinserting the suffering at a collective level. We can learn about history without attaching to the emotional suffering and instilling those new/old wounds into the next generation. That is the key I see that has contributed to the repetition of human suffering.


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Many blessings


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