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Surrender IS True Empowerment

Last night as I quietly listened for Divine wisdom in my meditation, I had a sweet understanding come over me.

As the world is tumbling in chaos all around and people are pushing against and pushing for, fighting what they do not want and fighting for what they do; I wondered ‘can there not be a better way?’

We’ve been fighting every since time began on this planet. We’ve been waging wars for peace, which never made a lot of sense to me. Yet, it’s how we’ve been trained to believe that life is meant to be.
We teach our children, ‘anything worth having is worth fighting for’! Most adults agree with this affirmation.

Desiring Peace for Eons.001

Have you ever really explored that teaching? Is it true? It’s been a real thorn in my side, so to speak, all of my life. I’ve always pursued peace and the path of least resistance to peacemaking. As an ‘Empath’, I usually can read and feel the energy in a room and sense discord before it breaks into total chaos and intervene. That is not necessarily the best choice, but my desire for peace was always paramount.

Today I see that my intervention was not always the best course of action. Had I allowed those who wished to wage war to do so and just gotten out of their way, there is a good chance they would have stopped the chaos sooner. They would have found a resolution within the dynamics of their unique relation. But when it’s clear that someone else will intervene before any real damage is done, those who only know battle will continue to do so. They will not learn to engage in healthy relationships because there is no need. Further, the peacemakers expend all their energy trying to prevent war rather than using their energy for things they truly desire.

We often see this in children left to sort our their own disagreements, they will find a way rather quickly, but if they know that a parent will stop the ‘fight’ before anyone gets hurt they may push as far as they can until that point. If the parent intervenes too soon the children do not learn to resolve conflict themselves; they also may simply look for other ways to ‘get back’ at their perceived enemy without the parent seeing. Teaching children to cooperate, to listen to each other, to share and work in harmony with others is a key to future civil societies. But how do we do that, when in reality we are pushing them to compete and that anything worth having is worth fighting for? If they really want that specific toy, then they will be willing to fight for it, won’t they?

As a parent we would rarely provide a bigger weapon to the child being bullied, or harassed, yet sometimes we do just that. We will teach them to physically fight, to defend themselves in the world against other physical threats. We can only teach what we know.

I have the sense that this example is much like what happens on the global stage as well. There are those who believe that we have to intervene constantly in order to prevent the total destruction of the planet. Many of us spend our energy trying to intervene, to protest and fight against the horrors. We often pick a side in disputes and give that our attention, our energy, fund it, provide weapons etc. to the side we feel is either being oppressed or that we desire to win. Rarely do we seek ways to resolve the conflict peacefully. Again, we cannot use tools we are unaware of or have not been taught. We expend our energy on these matters and have little left to actually create what we do want.

Societies are built on the concept of competition and some consider, ‘survival of the fittest’ a very good ideal; believing that only the best and strongest will survive and that will make us a better species.
I think we have this backwards. For humans to really thrive on this planet we’ll have to find a way to live in peace, in harmony and to share. We’ll have to embrace what we love and let die that which we despise.

Just as in a family we cannot only feed the child that is willing to fight for their food, we cannot allow as we have been doing, the strongest bully to get the resources of the planet, to hoard and control them at the expense of the rest. In a family, the one that is fed will thrive, while the one that is not will die. As we know this, we realize that there are a few individuals who are controlling the resources of the planet at the expense of the rest, but we fight them at our own peril. We gave them the keys, the tools if you will and now we are attempting to take back control of the planet. They have already taught us they are willing to sacrifice the many for the benefit of the few. But we will never thrive on this planet if we keep playing their game.

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We are going to have to start a new game. We’ve been taught that we are powerless, that we are weak and they are strong. This is a lie we’ve accepted as a truth for eons. It is not even the fact that we are millions while they are perhaps 100. It is not the fact that in our physical bodies we are small, yet they have armies and weapons. Armies are made up of individuals. Weapons are only tools that require a human intention to move. It is not that we need to fight against them at all. It is that we need to surrender the lies, surrender the illusion of powerlessness and return to the truth.

While I am a big believer in the importance of separation of church and state in politics; I am also a believer in the importance of the whole person. Religion is the application of beliefs in very specific ways. I am not a believer in religion per se. I am a believer in our connection to the Creator and that IT lives and breathes us, through us, for us and for IT’s own realization of physical experience.

As we attempt to deny our spiritual reality in order to be politically correct, we also deny our power, because in truth our power does not lie in our physical capacity but in our spiritual connection to the Source of All That IS. (When I say truth, I intentionally mean the truth that I have discovered and know, which may or may not be the same, as the reader knows)

In my meditation I realized that surrender is letting go of the illusion, not giving up on life. Surrender is the emptying out of the garbage and making room for the divine light that is our true nature. We are more than our human physical bodies and that is the biggest lie we have been taught. When we stand in alignment with our true divine aspects, there is no need to fight anything.

Love pure and unconditional is the power that creates worlds. When we allow the energy of the divine to be flowing through us, to us and for us there is nothing we cannot do, be or have. There are many spiritual teachers who have spoken of this power, yet we have come to believe that it’s exclusive to the teacher rather than meant for all of us.

Words have been twisted in our education, indoctrination and mostly conditioning, just as the great writer George Orwell wrote in his now famous and somewhat prophetic book ‘1984’. True surrender is not a weakness; rather it is empowerment. Empowerment is the taking in of Source energy, vision and inspiration to move us beyond the enslavement we’ve succumbed to. There are many examples of people going far beyond what they might normally be capable of doing through the application of Divine power, whether they did so knowingly or by virtue of prayer or dire circumstances. Spontaneous healing is one example.

Surrender for me, is letting go of the belief that I can only accomplish what my physical body has shown me is possible, along with the limiting beliefs regarding human potential I have been taught.

If we truly desire peace, we can create it, but we cannot do it in the old mindset we created the chaos in. Albert Einstein is often quoted by saying that the definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting the same results…we’ve been fighting for peace for eons. We do not have it today because in truth, war is more profitable than peace for the few. The few control the media, the messages we teach our children, the glorification of war, and the heroes we are told have ‘fought the good fight’ and so forth. We spread their message of fear, of hate, of lack by the way we teach our children and engage in our relationships with each other.

In practical reality we the people, the masses have become the instruments or tools of the few, who seek to profit from our ignorance of our own power.

When we realize that our creator did not put us here to fight, but rather to explore and thrive, we begin to see that where we put our energy, is the force that influences that which grows. Each of us has all that we need, but we’ve been conditioned to believe we have to prove our worth in order to have it. We cannot see it due to the illusion we’ve bought. Many spend lifetimes attempting to prove their worth. Proving our worth requires fighting and conquering something or someone; that has been our teaching for generations.

As long as we continue to buy the illusion we will continue to fight each other for the profit of the few. That perpetual war machine will consume all of our energy; a machine manufactured using everything that we are and everything that we have; in fact we are the spokes, the screws and the lubricant that keeps it functioning.

When we let go and surrender, we open to knowing the lie and at first we can become angry at our purchase; it is a process but worth exploring. Uncovering the illusion is the path to our true freedom, in my experience. I believe this is the reason we were taught about the power of forgiveness, especially forgiving ourselves.

When we realize we’ve bought into a lie, we often feel the fool and reprimand ourselves for not seeing through it. But when we realize this is not about one person buying a lie, this has been going on for a very long time. There are people using the lie for their own gain, they are even doing some horrific and cruel things, but they couldn’t do any of it if we were aware of the lie.

I have written numerous articles on the aspect of fear as a tool, of the power of using it to manipulate the masses and as much as I do not appreciate the hell we are living on this planet, I do know we have the power to change our course.

This is an excerpt of the upcoming book by Catherine Whelan Costen
© “Exploring Higher Visions”

*NOTE: I would love to hear your feedback on this excerpt. Does it resonate with you? Are you interested in reading more? The book is in its early phase so I’d appreciate any comments or helpful feedback. Comment below or email me at         Thanks so much; Catherine

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