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Catherine Whelan Costen is the host of the Lets Get Real Chattin’ With Catherine, on-line radio show. As a facilitator, she brings her spiritual awareness and warmth in hosting the tele-course.

Catherine Whelan Costen is the host/producer of the Lets Get Real Chattin’ With Catherine, on-line radio shows

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I believe the vast majority of people on this planet want peace!

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Fear is driving so many of our decisions these days, even though love is far more powerful! I believe talking to each other can alleviate much fear. I love to explore, to have fun and share!  I so love this planet and the adventure we call life! Many of you share my beliefs and are looking for people and avenues to explore…and that’s what we do here on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine!

We need to ensure that our footprint is light. A light one in that when we leave this world we leave it a better place than what we found, for our children and our children’s’ children.

I invite you into my world, through this compilation which is the result of many facets of my explorations and understandings about life. It is my intention and hope, that as I share with you, you can also see a vision that might be a little brighter than the one that you currently have.

I’m not saying I have all the answers, I certainly don’t, in fact the more I know, the more I know how little I know. However the discoveries I have made have been very enlightening to me, very joyful and I want to share that as much as possible with people who are willing to learn, willing to investigate and willing to change, perhaps. Change is inevitable, but doing it consciously is so empowering and I’m thrilled to be able to provide the information that I can.

Consciousness is rising and we are the change! I invite you to explore with us, to support the shows and to share your vision with us. (feedback is great! advertising is available to reach like minded people and opportunities to be a guest are also options for you)

Between the written articles, the youtube videos and the regular radio shows, I hope you will find what you are looking for to deepen and expand your view.


I am a passionate & inspirational public speaker on various topics, including but not limited to: finding your voice, healing life’s bumps or mountains, seeing the purpose in all life’s challenges, what fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue did for me, conscious parenting and including losing a child through death; I love to empower and inspire others to live their best lives.

You can listen to one audio of a public speaking engagement I did several years ago at this link. It was titled ‘A Better World’: Can Women Leaders Make it Happen?” There you can listen to my presentation and then the audiences questions and my answers. This is a topic I am very passionate about and you may be surprised by my thoughts.




I had the delicious opportunity and privilege to research, write and publish, “Father Walter Krewski’s Life Journey” you can visit the link on the sidebar. This book was written prior to his death and offers the reader an opportunity to explore what it was like living in rural Alberta, Canada, in the early 1900s joining the Roman Catholic priesthood and the challenges faced as a parish priest. He was a remarkable yet simple man and had great wisdom to share.

Wisdom and new information feels like a tall glass of refreshing water on a very hot day to me! I hope to sweeten your journey if only by a teaspoon!  My guests are delightful and fun even if the subject is deep and mysterious, so please join us!

The times are very challenging, but the tools are available and more and more is coming to light of what we can do to create an environment where we can all live in harmony and thrive. really thrive.

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Empowerment to Disempowerment

Empowerment to Disempowered to Enlightened to Disempowered…why?

March 14, 2012

- By Catherine Whelan Costen

Back a few years ago I researched and wrote Father Walter Krewski’s Life Journey. (It’s still available on my website if you are drawn to it)  He grew up in the early 1900’s. He recounted for me a story about the big Influenza Epidemic of 1917 in Canada. One family in particular was not affected by the illness. The health authorities became curious about this oddity. So they went to the home to investigate. What they found was that the woman had put onions on all the windowsills around the house. When they examined the onions they found that the germs were attracted to the onion and died. She had been doing this for years, it was a family custom, or inherited pattern of living. Perhaps she didn’t even know why she did it, she just did. This woman was empowered! Not because she consciously or necessarily set out to be free, she simply was free because she followed her instincts and her inherited knowledge. To me freedom is synonymous with empowerment.

I retell the story here, without any proof of its truth or need to scientifically back up these findings; simply put it is a story. Is it true? Perhaps. He believed it. Fr.Krewski adopted the practice himself. I’ve done it and found it to be effective in my home. Do I recommend you do it? No I don’t. I can only share the story and allow you to determine if that is something you want to experiment with or not.

What I will say is that the woman in the story, along with her family, did not have need of any medical attention nor did any die from the illness that ran through her community and killed others. But my question will always be the same. Why? Was it her belief? Did the onions actually do anything or was it simply that she had inherited a belief or practice which she expected to work and therefore it did? I do not know.

For many years people on planet earth have experienced circumstances, which were chaotic or dramatic, death, illness, starvation and so on. Each time we did, someone came up with a cure, or remedy or way of doing things, which allowed us to survive. Necessity is the mother of invention! Then as we continued to evolve, we had desires to do more than survive. We wanted to thrive. It was no longer acceptable to just reproduce and live long enough to see our children grown up. We wanted to enjoy life along the way. Our enjoyment of life required a certain level of health within our body.


With the discoveries of medicines to cure illness, we also learned that proper nutrition; exercise, vitamins and clean environment could prolong our lives and improve the quality as well! But along the way we also became disempowered through our beliefs, or inherited habits and practices of not listening to our inner voice, because something outside of us knew better. We accepted the family doctor’s recommendations often under duress. Because to not follow his ‘orders’ meant he would not continue to treat us. (I say ‘he’ because in the early days of pharmaceutical medicine there were not many, if any women involved). My way or no way!

The shift from inner wisdom to total abdication of our inner wisdom took place in a very short period of time. The First Nation’s people of Canada are in my opinion a great example of what happens to disempowered people. They had great intuition and wisdom from a long history of living close to the earth, connected to Spirit. Their internal wisdom was well developed. It took but a few generations to have that wisdom and way of life corrupted through the domination of their people. An external force stole their power and voice. Or some might say they gave it away; however when the external force is manipulative, coercive and physically stronger, it is hard not to see the act as a form of stealing.

They like the woman in my first story had inner wisdom that kept them immune to outside forces, or germs or invaders. But the woman, who I suggest for the sake of this article, represents ‘people’ of that generation; gave in to the external forces due to peer pressure, or new habits, or government regulations etc. etc. She like the First Nations people gave up the internal knowing, in favor of the external voices, or promises of something better. I will add here that nobody can take our power unless we cooperate. Regardless of whether the force is bigger or seemingly more powerful, it cannot be taken! That is a new understanding for me and I think for many.

Results of Disempowered Collective

We collectively, stopped trusting our own inner guidance systems. We deferred to the ‘experts’ the well schooled, and those who promised us better, longer and healthier lives. Collectively we bought, ‘hook, line and sinker’, the bait! We became submissive to an ideology that declared certain people in this world know better. Because they were so few and access to them so expensive, we cherished any tidbit of their time. Their ‘word’s and what we now accepted as ‘real wisdom’ became the standard. In the process we lost touch with our own connection to the greatest wisdom~ the Divine.

Not only did we lose touch, we threw it away! We burned wise women who were connected to earth and spirit; we called them witches and evil. We so rejected any evidence of our connection to God, that we allowed ourselves to submit to wise men of the cloth, or synthetic medicines, or anyone but US! We used very broad brushes to paint groups of people as intelligent, or good, or more important than us. Rather than measuring each individual or each new thought and assessing it for merit, simply put, we got lazy!

If you have any doubt that we have become totally disempowered as a society by our dependence on external forces, look around. Watch the news, check into the statistics of ‘death by doctor’ or read the side effects of any pharmaceutical product. What may have started out to be a necessity to save lives, or to enhance the quality of human life, has become a dependency on an external force to protect us from ourselves. We have become so afraid of each other and ourselves because we do not know our own power.

Beginning to return to Our Empowerment

Since about 1960 there has been a kind of awakening happening on the planet. Many people have begun to reclaim their right to life. They realize they are still connected to Source or God, or Spirit; whatever name you give this higher energy of ALL that IS, matters not. But a pattern or habit has been set throughout the collective and for some that habit is very lucrative, while others are impoverished by the same beliefs and systems.  Some people are awakening to an understanding that life on planet earth can mean more than just being ‘un-sick’! They want to live long, to enjoy life, to share the resources of the planet and to determine their path without submitting to a higher form of human control. They see the incredible wisdom within their own beingness, or they at least know that it is not disconnected. They are not powerless!

By the 1980’s there were thousands of people waking up and as they did, they began to reject the authorities that we, collectively have but in place, instead of God. It wasn’t a violent revolution, but rather a personal internal shifting. People started to examine their food and the quality of nourishment. They began to drink knowledge like it was water, to breathe wisdom like it was oxygen and to become aware of their right and responsibility to impact and influence the life they experience on planet earth. This was a huge shift!

Along with this new awareness came a rejection of some of the previously widely practiced beliefs; pesticides, pharmaceuticals for every ailment, tobacco products as a social habit, excess of every kind was rejected.  But as people began to reject the old and embrace new lifestyles, it had a negative impact on those who made profits from the very things being rejected. The things that had been consumed and devoured by a society with such gusto, and so much profit to the producer now became the new evil. The pendulum swings so very far before it finds its balance point!

What I find remarkable in all of this evolution is the common element of ‘fear’. It’s on both sides of the equation. Many seek alternative lifestyles because of their fear of being sick, or fear of lack, or fear of being controlled. Those whose products are being rejected stand in fear of loss of profits. Fear breeds hate and we see much evidence of that in our society today. Articles about the ‘evil’ governments, or blood sucking corporations, or the misguided ‘new age’ weirdoes, or or or…it goes on ad nauseam. The labels we use to vilify those we do not agree with are endless. But again, this practice is rooted in fear.

Once we know we are all-powerful, ALL connected to Source and that all of our needs will be met, without sacrificing anyone else, we can let go of the fear. Once the people behind the corporations become conscious once again of their connection to Source, they won’t have the need to exploit or gouge or drain resources. As the individual becomes more awake they will not need to consume out of fear of not having enough to meet their needs. It’s a vicious vicious circle and the more fearful we are the more desperate we become.

As people begin to open their hearts and minds to the new/old connection to Source, they naturally become more aware of choosing from a place of harmony for all; they don’t take two of anything when all they need is one. They don’t make purchases from a place of lack, but rather from a place of joy. They know they are enough. We’ve been working from a very small identity of fearful ego, believing there is not enough and that we are not worthy of life itself.

The beautiful vision I see is that so many people are seeking answers, seeking to know what else is possible and how can we live in peace! For many this means rejecting the old and as they seek the new. But, they all too often hand over that power to the next best thing that comes along.

This is what I see happening today in many situations. For some individuals, they are throwing out all pharmaceuticals, when some are clearly advantageous and in certain situations very beneficial. Or they are throwing out the old before they have something to replace it. As I see in the total rejection or vilifying the oil industry. The oil industry had its place and served a purpose.  Now we know there are alternatives to that kind of energy. We are more aware of the harm we are doing to our planet and our home.

We know that free energy has been around for a long time, since Nicola Tesla at least. Why do we not seek it, promote it, learn about it, desire it and allow the natural death of the oil industry? The more attention we give to what we do not want, the more we get what we do not want. It’s actually well documented on the power of thought and belief; therefore I suggest we stop putting our thoughts into something we don’t want. Embrace and energize what we do want. Don’t want war? Look to peace. Create it within your own world first. Don’t want to see so much crime? Stop encouraging governments to create more and more ways for people to be controlled and force them to break laws. Stop telling your government how afraid you are of your neighbor, because that’s how the laws end up in place. We need to think about our actions.

Enlightenment or More Disempowerment?

So this brings me back to enlightenment, or the inner light coming on. It is the shining of a very bright light into the dark, shadowy places within our own beingness. That’s enlightenment to me. Seeking our own wisdom that’s empowerment from within. For many people this has meant opening to the new accessible vibration, which allows inter-dimensional communication. It’s new because we’ve been closed off for so long; but it’s old in that many civilizations have had this wisdom eons ago, like the First Nations people of Canada I spoke of at the beginning of this article. Like the wise women of years gone by who were burned at the stake, like the mothers who knew their child was sick, when doctors couldn’t see anything wrong, like the inner knowing that stops a person from going to work the day that their workplace is destroyed by explosives. I could go on, but you know of what I speak. You know because we’ve all had those moments when we just knew.

Millions of people are waking up to their knowing and it’s awesome to see! It is also something that has become a bit of a novelty for many. This is where we need to use our most appropriate discernment tools. There are many people today who can see past the veil. The veil between this world and the next has become thinner. They can see through it or into other dimensions, or see angels, or beings from other Universes and so on. That does not mean they know what they see, or how to interpret it for another. So when someone tells me that they can see ‘dead’ people, my response is ‘so what?’ What does it mean to me that someone else can see dead people?  How does my knowing that they can, empower me in any way? I can see money, but that doesn’t mean I know what to do with it, or that I have it, or that I understand it. I can see water, but do I know how to interpret it, or understand the message it speaks to me, or the earth, or the being? There are many who are opening to their own inner voice, to their higher wisdom, to seeing, hearing and knowing; it’s often called the ‘Clairs’.

Online Dictionary definition: The term clairvoyance (from 17th century French with clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses, a form of extra-sensory perception. Clairsentient~ feeling/touching, Clairaudience ~ hearing/listening, Clairalience~ smelling, Claircognizance~ knowing, Clairgustance~ tasting these are some of the examples. There is also mediumship, which involves the communication with the dead. Telepathy, or mind reading is another gift or use of heightened awareness.

There are many many ways in which people are accessing information and energy. Some are able to transfer the wisdom to their consciousness. Others are able to facilitate healing, like Christ reportedly did in the Bible. Some people are channeling, which is a very interesting process for information to flow from other dimensions, or from one’s own higher self. A channel is a passage, or duct for fluid or energy to be transmitted. Electricity flows through a channel, water can flow through a channel and energy from other dimensions can flow into a person’s body as if it were a tube, or vehicle transporting that energy. Sometimes a person allows a Spirit entity to enter their body and use it to transmit messages. The person or host may step aside, or may simply be watching the event from the sidelines. People who channel often report this experience in very unique ways, specific to them and to the energy they are channeling. Sometimes we are not consciously aware that we are channeling. When we receive an insight or solution to a problem that we have no logical reason for knowing the answer, but we are so very sure that we do know it, we may be channeling that information from a higher source.

People can channel entities that are not of a light energy. Not all beings have our best intentions at heart. This is something many people do not realize. If they invite in a being, it can be difficult to get them to leave. This situation would be very disempowering.

 Turning Enlightenment into Our Empowerment

With so many more people claiming to be using these ‘gifts’ it is prudent for us to use our own inner wisdom to discern authenticity and integrity in people we seek out to share with. Just because I have a gift, or can see, or hear etc. doesn’t mean I know how to use that gift appropriately. The critical point for me in all of this is to know that each person who channels or does any kind of metaphysical work is also filtering the information through his or her own personality and beliefs.

2012 and beyond has been called the end times and the new times. It is a time of human evolution in conjunction with earth’s transition into higher vibration. We are being given an opportunity to remember who we are and to recall our connection to Source. We are being guided to live in harmony on planet earth. This is the reason so many people are receiving messages from ‘the other side’ or inter-dimensionally. We are being helped in our evolution. At the same time, there are those on planet earth and in other dimensions, who do not want us to be empowered.

Ignoring your inner voice in favour of any external voice is disempowerment. Whether it’s a human form of authority or spirit form, neither has more wisdom than you. If they seek to teach or share, then accept their wisdom for what it is worth, but not in place of your own knowing! Furthermore, the onus is always on your shoulders to do the work. If you accept the advice of a medical doctor and decide to take medication for what ails you, you still have to fill the prescription, pay for it, take the pills, and follow the directions on how to take them etc., if you expect to get results. The same applies to seeking an energy healer, or accepting advice or wisdom from a channeler, medium, etc. You have to decide if the information is for you. What does your inner voice tell you about that information? If Uncle Joe was not so bright in this lifetime, do you think that once he’s in a spirit form he will become all knowing and wise? Think about it. If you need to know where Uncle Joe put his will, then yes, he’s probably the one to talk to. But if he was terrible at relationships then asking him for advice on relationship is probably not the best course of action. Do you see what I mean?

We came into this world fully empowered. We were fully connected to Source, or God at birth. Society, parents, teachers etc. assisted us in forgetting who we are and gradually we moved into lives that reflected what our external world told us. That does not make it true, however it explains why we are living in chaos today. Blaming anyone else is totally useless. A waste of life-force energy all to often is directed at blaming and revenge. We cannot build when we are in a destructive mindset! We see it everywhere in our world. We have access to our higher wisdom. Each of us has that ability. Some people have never forgotten it. Some have set out on a path to reclaim it. While some people see it as a ‘novelty act’ and use it instead as a tool to shock and awe their peers.

I believe that people who have done their work and have a maturity about their gifts, their healing abilities and so on, can offer amazing assistance to others who are trying to understand the path. I have sought out many people who have wisdom and maturity to assist me on my path. They’ve helped me understand physical symptoms of my shifting consciousness, that medical doctors may have medicated me out of, simply because they do not know. But I do know and a good metaphysical therapist can help you to know too. But they will not do the work for you. Only you can do it. That is the truth.

 Part of the Shifts

I believe that some people are here now at this time to share higher wisdom which will benefit us all, but not to tell us what to do. They can only offer us fresh insight that we may not have considered from our place of fear, belief in lack and limitation etc. Just as I see medical doctors as individuals; some with knowledge, some with agendas, some who care about the human condition, healing and who are willing to listen to their patients, I also believe there are energy healers and metaphysical counselors who can empower their clients to go deeper into their own discovery while some are only captivated by their new gift. You must seek your own inner guidance or gut feeling to tell the difference.

I go to my medical doctor to seek their experience, their wisdom and to access scientific tests to try to figure out something that may not be in harmony in my physical body. Once they’ve gathered the information and shared their suggestions, I need to interpret the meaning and with the help of the doctor I can decide what my course of action is. My spiritual body affects my physical body, so if my doctor doesn’t share or respect my own rights and responsibility for my ‘self’ then I need to seek one who does. But the same applies to my spiritual self; I seek out people who work with me, not tell me what to do.

What I do not subscribe to is the idea that each individual does not know themselves well enough to make their own decisions. What I see the role of the new enlightened practitioners as, is to help people pull back the veil and access their own inner guidance and wisdom. We are all equal, but we have unique gifts and talents to share. These practitioners can help to understand the physical symptoms of the process and to release the fear of this journey into inner light. Just as I feel sorry for anyone who goes to the doctor looking for a pill to make them better, because they do not want to change their behaviour, and it’s easier; I feel sorry for people who call up the local psychic to see if they should quit their job, ask them to fix the person they are in conflict with etc. Both are disempowering.

From my point of view a good practitioner of any sort, always respects the person they are trying to help. They always seek to empower not disempower. Always admits to their being a vehicle, or a helper, not the one doing the work, not the one to make the decisions. Awakening, enlightenment and evolution are going to be the way to our survival on this planet, and it requires everyone’s participation. For our own true freedom to make our own way, mistakes, successes and all that goes with it, we have to do the work. Do yourself a favour and don’t hand your power over to any other being! Seek a hand up, not a hand out!

I return to the beginning~ we came to the earth as a species, empowered with knowledge and wisdom where we knew which foods, herbs and spiritual assistance was available to us for our benefit and which could do us harm. Then we handed over responsibility to governments and medical professions, legal systems, etc. We did it under the guise of making us feel safe and to give us that freedom to really live. We gave up freedom for safety and lost both!  It only enslaved us and made us dependent on external sources and created the chaos we see today. Like the addiction we’ve had to quick fixes and easy solutions through so many artificial stimulants in our daily lives, many have simply shifted to a dependence on metaphysical ‘medicine’ as an alternative quick fix! True empowerment means ‘no more quick fixes’! True empowerment means to fully and authentically embrace both our rights and our responsibility for our own lives and the contributions we make to the planet and by default, human evolution.

Creation requires both masculine and feminine influence; that means the visualization, the nurturing and the action to bring it to fruition. Each of us has both within us. Each of us has everything we need to create the lives we desire. For the sake of future generations and the health of our planet, let’s not throw this opportunity away!