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Testimonials for LGRCC~ What did they Say?

Love to Stop and Smell the Roses…these words are Bouquets to my heart!

“I so appreciate the comments and feedback!”



“When I was introduced to Catherine I knew I wanted to talk to her and more importantly that I could talk to her. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the process and I was immediately surprised by her knack for being readily available for myself as I was in each moment. So, needless to say I am extremely grateful to Catherine for showing up in such a warm, open-hearted, and diplomatic way.

If you trust Catherine and “allow her to do her thing” she will turn the show into something magical that both Speaker and active Listeners will learn from!”

I am thrilled you found me on LinkedIn just a few weeks ago, Catherine, and I look forward  to getting to know you more as we go along!

Madelaine Standing


Ten (Doug) Rose~via Facebook

author Fearless Puppy on American Road / Reincarnation Through Common Sense / Doug “Ten” Rose

“I don’t know if you even want or need this, but a recent radio host asked for a short testimonial to post, and I thought to myself “I should write one for the wonderful Catherine, just in case she can ever use it for anything.” So, here it is, and even if you have no actual use for it or just want to use part of it or whatever–you should know I’m thinking of you gratefully. Be well. Love, Ten
Catherine Whelan Costen is an incredibly vivacious, energetic, intelligent, and talented media personality. Her Letsgetreal show is very aptly named. She knows what real is, and how to talk about it. As Catherine was interviewing me, I realized that any listener, including myself, would have been just as entertained, educated, and uplifted if I was interviewing her. Catherine is certainly a headliner in her own right. I’m grateful that she takes the time and puts in those many hours of work in order to have other folks on her shows. Besides everything else, she’s just a lot of fun to chat with! Ten Rose, author Reincarnation Through Common Sense and Fearless Puppy on American Road”


Alisa Gamblin~

“Catherine Whelan Costen’s show Let’s Get Real Chattin With Catherine is a brilliant display of where the mind can go when the limits are removed. Her thought provoking questions open up new ways of thinking and always make for a great discussion.

Being a guest on her show is both exciting and very comfortable as she opens up the energy to be free flowing and all thoughts/ideas/beliefs are welcome. Many are explored to allow the listener to decide what is a fit for them.  A great show for stepping beyond the box and opening into the realm of possibility.” Jan 15, 2013

Alisa Gamblin, Garden of the Mind Hypnotherapy, Victoria, BC 250-686-9301


David Montlick~Father of Jolie Montlick

Love your show!  It is great to find a program that focuses on positive and helpful news, guests and subjects that are uplifting, inspiring and empowering, and that make our lives better.  Also love your positive, warm and engaging style of interviewing, and your genuine interest in sharing the wonderful information your well chosen guests have to offer.   Hopefully a television network will hire you so that more people will be able to benefit.   My daughter and I were honored to be guests- thank you!  Keep up the great work and wishing you much well deserved success!

Best regards,


Rachel Cuyler

“Thank you so much Catherine for offering me the opportunity to reach more people and share my gifts!

You’ve created a wonderful space for people like me to feel comfortable in speaking our truth! I love the way you reassure your guests.

 You made me feel welcome…your Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine is a breath of fresh air! I wish you much success, as I know you will reach many! You andyour show are opening a wonderful window for light to shine on a better world!

Good Job and thank you”

Many blessings Rachel (White Seeing Owl) Cuyler

                  ( )


Farhana Dhalla, author of ‘Thank You for Leaving Me’

“A couple of days ago I was interviewed by Catherine for her show Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine and dang!

~that was a F-U-N and R-I-C-H interview!

…so continues this gorgeous world that we belong to…where we share our gifts, our connections and our joy.

Catherine is an amazing interviewer…curiosity and spirit unveil the agenda and it is a truly invigorating experience.

            Catherine~thanks again for such an amazing experience.”  xxF

            June 2012


Maggie Thom~author

“Catherine has created a radio show, Let’s Get Real Chattin With Catherine, that is engaging, enlightening and fun. She is an inspiring and well informed host who asks those thought provoking questions and explores the realm of possibilities. She guides you to think beyond that which you have been taught, beyond that which you believe. A show that is well worth listening to…  if you want the steps to improving your life.”

Author Maggie Thom (Captured Lies)


Rocky Krogfoss

“Catherine’s devotion to getting a message of peace, love and hope to a world that feels locked in chaos, is so vitally important, and no one does it better. You are a true light blessing to us all.”

            Rocky Krogfoss,



Kala H. Kos

“You are a blessing, Catherine, and I so enjoy your work.”

With much aloha, Kala


Farhana Dhalla

“Catherine Whelan Costen is one of the finest readio hosts that I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by. She is so dedicated to the awakening of all and engages in a way that everyone has expanded in the discussion. Every interaction with Catherine has brought me to a new place.”


Debra Kasowski~author GPS Your Best Life

“Catherine is an engaging and charismatic radio show host with a flare for going deep into subject matter and piquing the curiosity of her audience. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of her show.” Jan 2013

    Debra Kasowski


Debbi Coleen~

“Catherine, it’s a total delight to be on your show.  I love your expressive and responsive interview style, the way you personalize our interactions and enthusiastically embrace any topic we discuss.  I feel we get to have a conversation while exploring topics in interesting, dynamic ways.  I am amazed at the broad range of interview topics and the interesting sweep of knowledge, expertise and interests of the folks you interview.  This has been an incredible year of diversity and depth on your show! “

Debbi Coleen, Starseed Blueprint  Jan 2013


Charmaine Hammond~

“I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Let’s Get Real Chattin With Catherine show and very much appreciated Catherine’s authentic interview style and the ability to ask questions that get at the heart of discussions. Her passion for being a radio host is obvious as is her desire to bring great content and different perspectives to her listeners. ”
Charmaine Hammond, transformational speaker and best selling author, On Toby’s Terms, Bounce Forward, Toby the Pet Therapy Dog and co-author GPS Your Best Life   Jan 2013


Shelly Dressel~

“I’ve worked with Catherine on her show a number of times and really enjoy the conversations.  We never know where they’ll go, but each interview has been a lot of fun!  I’ve chatted with Catherine many times through Facebook and emails and one thing I always feel is her joy of life, her openness to talk about anything and that she truly cares about whatever she is bringing to our attention.  Thanks for all your assistance!”

Shelly Dressel, Goddess Light


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