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Pen is Mighter than sword...short.001People who believe powerful women have penis envy are missing the point.

The ‘pen is’ mightier than a sword (not the penis)…for either men or women. The feminine capacity to communicate great wisdom & influence has been oppressed by many who believe might is always right. We deny this truth at our peril.
In the beginning was the word and all creation begins with sound. We are fools if we deny the power of women and especially, of women who are balanced in their masculine/feminine energy.

It is in part the indoctrination of humanity that has led women to believe they are less than men, or less powerful or less important. Women know this is a lie, but have also played their part in upholding the lie in order to play their role in a patriarchal society.

The true power of women is all the more obvious when we see how much effort has been made, over the last hundreds of years, to disempower her.

A woman has no need of a penis to claim and use her power, influence and wisdom. What is between our legs and part of our anatomy, is far less important than what is between our ears and inspired by the heart and spirit.

Powerful empowered women are balanced in their energy and do not envy anyone…

Catherine Whelan Costen
Clarity Whisperer

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