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“Uncommon Sense’ ~Clarity Coaching

Clarity Coaching~is a service offered by Catherine Whelan Costen privately to clients ~online. *See Rates & Details Below (at this time (June 2015)~ there are no times available for individual coaching; speaking and group coaching times may be arranged by contacting Catherine at

You’ve got questions? Wonderful.



  • We really do have the answers within, but finding the right question to ask ourselves is often the most difficult part of the journey.
  • Catherine is able to listen and offer insight to help you find your own answers. Some will call it coaching, or reading, or critical listening…but no matter…the process is really to help you hear your own guidance and get clarity.
  • She can offer you the benefit of her life’s wisdom, experience and methods/tools of energy work etc. that have worked for her. Ready to go ? Scroll to the bottom for rates and info on how to connect with Catherine and get started on your journey Now!Ready for life Mode .001

About Catherine’s Gifts and Process:

Catherine grew up with a very clear sense of ‘knowing’,  also known as Claircognizance. It was not something she recognized as being any different from anyone else. She did however always feel that she was different; didn’t quite fit in and wasn’t sure where to be in the world. Through the course of life’s events she learned not to say what she knew and in many ways pushed the gift away due to the fear, anger, hostility and contempt it often created in others. It wasn’t that people necessarily feared the words or information, however they couldn’t seem to accept it from a child.

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Over the years Catherine has reconnected with her knowing as well as becoming aware of her other Sacred Gifts, like communication. In private Catherine uses her gift whenever called and today she has relearned to trust that knowing. She is now offering that as part of her many services through her online presence.

Catherine uses meditation as a daily practice to ensure her connection to her divinity is always active and part of her conscious awareness. She has used many different modalities for healing herself and will frequently suggest these to her clients when she feels so called. In many ways life has provided a great teaching for Catherine to explore, relearn and find confidence in life’s challenges,( including single parenting, Canadian politics, growing up without a father, sexual abuse, and the tragic death of a child).  Catherine is well versed in seeing the physical challenges as well as seeing the gifts within.

When Catherine does a ‘Clarity Coaching Session’ with a client, she is doing just that; coaching via what she reads in  the clients energy, verbal or written expressions and messages that are hidden from the client’s conscious awareness. Catherine works with her higher self,  guides, Angels and celestial beings who assist her in her daily life and in reading clients. Catherine has the gift of clarity and is able to see the big picture and little picture. These are gifts that enable her to break down situations into smaller pieces and give clients insight into how they can help themselves resolve the hurdles or see them in a more harmonious light.

A Clarity Coaching Session with Catherine may help you see your life or your circumstances in an entirely new way. She sees herself as offering uncommon sense in a sometimes nonsensical world. Clients are always encouraged to explore their own knowing and feel into any suggestions given by Catherine with regard to the information or modalities she may suggest.

Catherine believes that everyone can access their own inner wisdom, sometimes we need help to relearn what we’ve been taught to forget. We are all connected to the Oneness regardless of who you are or what you believe.

*Catherine is not a medical practitioner and does not offer medical advice, if you have a medical issue please seek appropriate medical attention from your practitioner.

Are you ready for some Uncommon Sense via Clarity Coaching with Catherine?

Fees and Options:

  • $50.00 CDN~30 minutes phone or skype ~the number will be provided when the appointment is booked
  • $90.00 CDN~60 minutes phone or skype
  • $140.00 CDN~90 minutes phone or skype
  • $30.00 CDN~email question~ one question

All phone/skype sessions are recorded and a downloadable mp3 is available usually within 24 hrs and remains live for 7 days only.

All payments are made in advance through paypal via the Admin Fee Button:

Admin Fee: Other Amount

Also email money transfer is acceptable. Appointments are booked by email through

but will not be confirmed until payment is received. Your privacy is protected. All correspondence is considered confidential and will never be shared with anyone but the client.


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