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Meditation? What’s It For?

Meditation in Daily Life?

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, meditation can be as simple as daydreaming, or as complicated as astral travel and beyond.

It will be whatever you make it. It is a very natural process. Perhaps it is the most natural state of being for us to be in. The problem for many people is that we have been socialized not to daydream. We are very often, highly discouraged from allowing our ‘mind’ to wander in school or as children in play.

Allowing the mind to wander is where our imagination can develop. It is a place of great peace, joy and discovery. I find it very useful in problem solving. It is a wonderful tool to discover the places within that are blocking our dreams, or causing us pain.

It can be used to reveal wounds at many levels and in that very comfortable state; it is easier to forgive others and ourselves. When we are able to let go of the outside noises, to quiet the body completely, so that we don’t even feel an itch, then we can really see ourselves and learn to accept how amazing and wonderful we really are.

It is a great way to discover hidden gifts, talents, and of course to connect to higher wisdom. It is the best way to hear the Divine and tap into inspiration and guidance.

The actual practice of meditation can take many forms. It can be as unique as the individual. My personal preference is to lay on my bed, with a light blanket over me. Some people like to sit in a comfortable chair, or on the floor in a lotus position, with legs crossed and hands resting on their thighs. I have found that very soft music playing in the background is a good distraction for the mind when you are first starting out.

As you go deeper into a state of meditation the noises in a room or even outside can be amplified greatly. So having a rhythmic sound playing in the background can help to muffle new sounds that are sharp or unexpected. Once you have established a practice, you may find that you don’t need the background noise. Another way to begin is by using a meditation cd. There are many available from various people. Try whatever resonates with you. Some people use drum beats, or chants, and mantras etc., others do not.

A blanket is helpful as you rest your body and your blood pressure goes down, you may find yourself chilled. At other times you may find your body actually heating up as it clears toxins. I found that as I processed and released anger that I was holding in my cells, my body really heated up to the point of sweating. When it becomes extreme, it is a good idea to remind the body that it doesn’t have to overheat. I talk to my body with my inner voice whenever it wants to go into fear or panic. Sometimes it does.

As you explore inner wounds, or pain and discomfort, or situations from your life, you may find your body responding to that memory. You might feel your heart racing. Often you will not know what is making the body react in that way, however you are probably recalling something either in this life or past lives. That recollection may not be at a level that your conscious mind can reference, but your subconscious or higher conscious may be processing it just the same. When that happens it is good to remind your body of what year it is, where you are, that you are safe, that you are releasing the pain, or situation and that you are forgiving it.

Forgiveness is a huge aspect of true healing. I will expand on that in another article.

Meditation can last as long as you like. It is recommended however that you build up to extended periods. Start with five minutes a day at the beginning, and increase it by ten or more minutes, along with more frequent sessions. My practice started with a half hour at a time, twice a day. I now meditate for at least one hour a session, usually twice a day. You will find what works best for you and go with it. The more you do it, the more you can heal, the lighter you will feel and calmer you will feel.

Meditation can enhance the quality of your life in profound ways.

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