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Velva Dawn has been a frequent guest on the show! She is a delightful engaging guest  and brings her unique insight and intuitive gifts through her connection to the Goddess energy! (Velva Dawn chattin with Catherine on youtube ~March 2012)

Listen to more shows by scrolling down(apologies for early recording audio quality):

 About Velva Dawn:

Velva Dawn is passionate about sharing the ancient wisdom of the divine feminine to heal souls that are ready for change.  She is the author of Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses a spiritual adventure & reference tool where Velva Dawn shares her personal life experiences in this channeled book which is available now at Balboa Press,,, and Barnes and Noble. This book brings forth ancient wisdom through words from 33 different goddesses.


In this book each goddess is associated with a healing crystal which you may use to amplify the healing quality that each goddess represents.

Velva Dawn is an intuitive, an author, a recording artist, and a Natural Health Practitioner.  She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Angel Therapy Medium®, Past Life Healer®, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Crystal Healer, and Reiki Practitioner.


Velva Dawn was the first to  complete the 2011 Mentorship Coaching Program with intuitive counsellor Colette Baron-Reid.


“Through the guidance of these mythic bearers of feminine wisdom,this book will take you on an inward journey of self-discovery and healing. Savor every word. I highly recommend this book” Colette Baron-Reid  # 1 bestselling author of The Map-Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life

Here is a movies trailer for my book, Ancient Secrets Of The Goddesses


Listen to Replays by clicking the player:

*Feb 12, 2012~Introduction to Velva Dawn & her Book

*Feb 27, 2012~Individual Goddesses working with You

*March 13, 2012~Intro to Goddess Girl Power & More

*April 3, 2012 ~Mother Mary and More

*April 23, 2012~Feminine Empowerment & Oprah’s Lifeclass

*May 22, 2013~Inner Voice & Healing Energy

*June 4, 2013~Goddesses Aine, Artemis & Aphrodite & New Energy

*Aug. 14, 2012~ 5 Goddesses Discussed & Swimming with the Dolphins

*Sept 25, 2012~Meditation & Activation~Powerful Energy

March 14, 2013 ~ Goddess Sekhmet & Feminine Strength & Grace

Velva Dawn Silver Hughes March 14, 2013

More info and websites : Velva Dawn is passionate about healing the divine feminine energies around the world and within all souls.  For more information please go to or

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