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We don’t believe in war anymore…

We don’t believe that killing one will bring another back

We don’t believe they hate us for our freedoms

We don’t believe the propaganda

We don’t believe in war anymore


We are frustrated and confused

We know war just isn’t all glory

We know there is a better way

And we don’t believe in war anymore


We know there was a time

When war was all there was

When battles were for honour

When death was a necessary sacrifice

We know there was a time; but we don’t believe it’s necessary anymore


Times have changed

People have evolved

We are looking at a different horizon

And we don’t believe in war anymore

When will we invest in peace

Like we have in war?

When will we understand

‘Lest We Forget’?

When will we learn?

There is not enough dollars to pay for one more drop of blood

We don’t have the ability to calculate the brutal cost of war

We don’t have the stomach for the carnage anymore

We just don’t believe in war anymore


The soldier will fight and die as long as we ask them to

When will we truly know that we can make it stop?

When will we ever learn, that war does not bring peace?

When will we say and mean, ‘never again! Never Again?’

….When we really don’t believe in war anymore!


Written by Catherine Whelan Costen

November 2009


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Filed under: Social/Political/Human Issues

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