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Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for you all in the New Year!

I am working on some changes for LGRCC and looking forward to the new also. I intend to cover more subjects this year, including more depth on financial issues, more political areas and social issues. I will continue to chat with metaphysical experts and healers working with alternative health options of course. I would also like to bring more musicians and comedians on to the show to round out the format. Feel free to share this information with people you know who may be interested in the show.

As many of you know I started the show with a very basic blogtalk radio program, but the quality of the audio was intermittent and not very reliable. The show was birthed for fun, to give people who otherwise were not being seen the chance to be seen/heard by many. I have a passion for learning and exploring and I knew that other people were also seeking. The show has grown in numbers of listens exponentially! I’m thrilled! It is giving many guests the exposure they wouldn’t otherwise receive. I also promote guests through my social media outlets and all of these things take time, my gifts in interviewing, technology and so on. Although I really started it for fun, it has grown into something more demanding of my time as well as new technology and although still fun, it requires financial support and more structure to continue to grow and be a venue for education and enlightenment. As you have been part of this process in 2012 I invite you to return if you feel called in this direction. Please contact me as soon as possible to set dates for January and February 2013.

Here are some of the changes you’ll see for 2013:

The shows will be limited to one hour rather than the loose time frame I’ve had thus far. Presently I have 3 live shows a week and that may change to having one 2 hour show a week and one 1 hour; that is being explored. I will be reviewing options for doing onsite interviews and looking into higher quality video options also.

At this time I’d also like to share some tips on how to make the most from your experience as a guest on Let’s Get Real Chattin with Catherine. With over 108 shows last season, from February to November 2012 I’ve had the opportunity to review what works and what doesn’t. I’ve received some feedback from guests and I always look forward to hearing from you, your testimonials and comments are very helpful! Guests who report the best experience and usually have the most listens per show as well as feedback from the public, do some very different things than those who do not. Here are my observations of what works:

Promote the show prior to your visit. Use social media, twitter, facebook, linkedin, your blog and email lists to share the show links and invite people to listen, after the show write about your experience, a few words to express your thoughts and personalize it makes all the difference. Support other guests who’ve been on the show by sharing their links, especially if you can speak to the content of the show because you’ve listened to it. Your enthusiasm for the show reflects in the way people talk about it and share with others. The guests who’ve invested in the show monetarily as well as with their time, are receiving a return on their investment in various ways. Be prepared and letme know if there is a specific area you want to focus on, or something important you have learned and feel called to share. If I know in advance I can direct our conversation to that area.

As of January 2013 I will be setting a  New Minimal Administration fee for guests to help cover costs for the systems/technology used to produce and broadcast shows. I am asking for a contribution from each guest of a $50.00 minimum for each show guest. Regular or bi-monthly guests will have a reduced rate of $30.00 per show. Guests are welcome to make a donation in addition to that fee if you feel called to assist in that way. The payments buttons for paypal are on the website. Bank draft is also acceptable by mail, but must be received before the show will be booked or advertised. I feel this is a reasonable request to make at this time in order to grow the show. My commitment to keeping it free for listeners is paramount to being able to reach more people. (Paypal buttons will be ready for you to use shortly)

Even if you’ve been a guest in the past a New 2013 Guest Agreement (click link and scroll down for doc) is required to be signed prior to booking show time and fees must be paid for future shows. If you are planning on being on the show in 2013 but are not booked yet, please read it here. A copy will be sent to you via Echosign, once a date is set with the producer. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiam for Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine! Please accept my gratitude and support for your work as well.

*Note to Authors: if you have a book you want to promote on the show, please send me a copy via Canada Post, or pdf format via email with at least 3 weeks prep time before you are booked to be a guest. This enables the chat to be more engaging for the audience and for me.

I look forward to working with you in 2013!

Catherine Whelan Costen


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