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Introducing a new guest on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine

…exploring higher visions doesn’t get much better than this…

Watch for the show broadcast links coming soon…prepare to be inspired and awed …Ariana is very real..has walked the Camino and gained wisdom and so much more!

Ariana Brackenbury – International Inspirational Speaker, Writer, Mentor, Camino Coach and Tour Guide.

When Ariana’s husband passed at 62, his death launched her into a deeper journey of her own mortality, and opened her heart to her spiritual self. Watching him die with so many dreams in him, gave her a sense of urgency in her own life. She began a deep inner journey.

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Then a series of events – the loss of her savings, her computer programming business slowing to a halt, and finally I losing her beautiful home and garden – was the impetus for deeper change in her life.

She found herself in a place where she had no capacity to even process what was happening to her, let alone what was possible. At the age of 60, it was clear that she had no option, but to start over. She just had no idea how she could recreate herself.

Ariana took a leap of faith and set off on a life changing journey – a 100 day backpacking trip around the world, including walking the Camino de Santiago, a 800 KM spiritual pilgrimage in Northern Spain. That journey opened up life in a way she had never dreamed could be possible.

Two years later she walked again and made the decision to create a spiritual tour company guiding others to use spiritual pilgrimage as a means to finding truth within themselves.

Poster Ariana image002Her coaching focuses on finding the blocks that are holding people from living a deeper, more meaningful life and helping them connect to the wisdom in their heart.

You can reach Ariana at 403-608-4274 or online:
Business Page:

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