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If you would like to see some of the people who chat on my LGRCC show please drop by my youtube channel… you can subscribe to it so you always know when a new video is uploaded!

I invite you to check out Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine on youtube!

I’ve had some amazing interview/chats with amazing guests on many different topics…

From metaphysical views, like Rachel Cuyler (White Seeing Owl) , Rose Sangregorio, Linda Nardelli, Debbi Coleen and Shelly Dressel and the many ways we can heal, forgive, learn about higher beings and their messages; to exploring about God and so much more!

We also spent time  exploring mental illness and the many variables behind cause and opportunities for treatment with Dr Kira Stein.

We explored Auriculotherapy (or Ear Acupressure) with Mike Lang.

John Campbell joined me for a discussion about relationships which was very enlightening, especially with regard to family relationships!

Please check the channel regularly as more will be coming on many subjects! We have several new guests joining me along with many regular contributors!  All the shows are available on replay at blogtalkradio in audio form and you can subscribe to itunes to receive them free! The Link is on the sidebar for that information. You can also find me on wordpress for updates on my comments on the shows, notifications of upcoming shows, articles on my point of view and more! The articles are also posted here on my website! There are so many ways to stay in touch, you can comment on the wordpress blog or facebook fanpage as well!

Here is a short video of me talking about the shows…

It is my intention to share points of view and new information to help us live our best lives! I invite you to share my links with your friends and family, post on social media and so on if you like!

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